Straight vs Swing

This well made video explains the different usages of Straight and Swing time rhythms.

Ukulele Cheat Sheet!

This is a sample of page one.

No, we aren’t suggesting you cheat on your taxes, or your spouse! Use the blue button below to download the 2 page PDF.

The Skeptical Guitarist sent it along, and here’s what he says:

Ukulele Cheat Sheet is a useful alternative to the dozens of chord charts that show all 4 billion possible ukulele chords.  To wit, the A#m7b5 chord or the E#9dim7 chord.  You will never use these chords, nor thousands like them.  And in an effort to squeeze all these useless chords onto one chart, they become MICROSCOPIC.  On MY chart, the front side shows the most common chords grouped into the most common keys in LARGE friendly diagrams, showing the overlap from key to key and acknowledging the different roles of chords within keys.  On the back, you’ll find a chord dictionary of the Major, Seventh and Minor chords for the main chord types (C, G, F, etc.) plus some of the more interesting and useful variations.  Insert it into your 3-hole punch song book for easy reference at the picking part.

Download the Cheat Sheet

More books and sheets available here: 
(Ask about the PUG discount)

How to read music: Repeats

This short video helps explain all the types of repeat sections and how they are played. We confront them every time we use Big Yellow!

How to Practice Effectively

This fascinating YouTube video from TedEd has some great tips for practicing anything (including ukulele playing) and explains a bit of the brain science behind it.