Here are answers to some common questions we receive about PUG.

How do I join Prescott Ukulele Guild?

To join, please come to our monthly meeting at the Community Room in Prescott Gateway Mall which happens on the first Thursday of each month. (Check our Events Calendar Page here.) We offer a beginner’s meetup before every Thursday monthly meeting to answer questions.

The first visit to PUG is free, so attend a meeting and decide if you want to join. If you join, you will be asked to pay the yearly dues, prorated for the balance of the year (annual membership is currently $36) and given our “Aloha” binder with some core songs.   A list of “core” songs and some music can be downloaded on our Songbook Page.

Currently we recommend these 4 books that will cover our core songs (in addition to those in the member “Aloha” binder).  They are available online, or at Pop’s Music in Prescott.

What if I don’t know how to play ukulele yet?

We have a New Beginner’s Group (“The Hometown Strummers”) that meets on Thursday nights at the Prescott Public Library, except when there’s a monthly meeting that can help you get started with your playing. Please see our Events page.

There are many online resources, paid and free, for learning ukulele (YouTube is your friend!). Also, group member Steve Edwards teaches ukulele at Pop’s Music Store in Prescott.  Visit the Ukulele Lessons page.

What ukuleles do you recommend?

A better uke does not necessarily make the better uke player.   More money does, however, buy better sound. (And a real cheap uke might hold you back. ) Our members play everything from the soprano ukulele (made famous by Tiny Tim and others) to concerts, tenors, baritones and banjoleles.  To get started, please visit our local Prescott music shop, Pops Music Store, on Iron Springs Road.   

Here is a basic primer on standard types of ukuleles: https://ukuguides.com/guides/the-ukulele-buying-guide/

How to buy a ukulele : http://www.ukulelemag.com/stories/5-overlooked-features-when-buying-your-first-or-next-really-good-ukulele

More advice at: http://www.guitarnoise.com/lessons/ukuleles-separating-instruments-from-toys/

ukulele recommendations

Where can I get all my small Jumping Jim books bound into one convenient spiral book?

Members have taken books to have them spiraled at A&E Reprographics at 1030 Sandretto Dr. Their phone# is: 442-9116.